Sustainability is a huge issue in our daily lives and we believe it is crucial to be part of the change that everyone has to face in order to respect our shared planet. The present is constantly changing and we try to update and adapt our production chain to new innovations that contribute to make RUN OF more and more sustainable.

RUN OF sneakers are made in Italy by certified manufacturers, in compliance with internationally recognised standards of social and environmental responsibility. They are made using certified materials of the highest quality, creating a handcrafted shoe that you could potentially keep with you forever.

While the mass market is spreading the philosophy of consumerist fast fashion, where preciousness and quality lose their importance in favour of quantity, Run of believes in a different approach. Sustainability means proposing an idea of luxury that goes hand in hand with attention to detail, in order to create unique objects that will not be thrown away at the end of the season.


The importance of sustainability has also led us to develop a special project focused on the creation of a limited edition series of sneakers made with waste materials.

We used elements such as old motorcycle jackets or bags and leftovers from warehouses and combined them to create unique pieces.

Unique and unrepeatable: don’t let your right and left sneakers be the same.