Runarchy Attitude

Luxury sneakers
handmade in Italy

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Sustainable sneakers handmade in Italy.

The manufacturing of the shoes is italian, 100% handmade and we are proud of it. All our suppliers are italian: you can see them all on our manufacturing webpage. RUN OF is a high quality, handcrafted product with a global vision. We mix top quality materials with leftovers, creating unique sneakers with a futuristic design.

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The sole

Our patented soles are a fundamental element of RUN OF sneakers. Light and firm, they have a unique design and contain our logo.

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Runarchy Attitude

Live your life lightly, not superficially. Break away from custom, from reasonableness, without the fear of judgment. without the fear to be different.

Then new spaces open up for doing amazing things. Things that are meaningless for some, but perhaps the only way to really live for you.

Runarchy attitude

Go to try them at Ramiro Díaz

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