Research, sustainability, creativity, mix of colors and materials are the features that define RUN OF. The brand has born from the obsessive passion for sneakers of Matteo Ciuti, brand’s founder and designer. Matteo has twenty years of experience in the world of design and fashion, with countless collaborations with the top brands and individual projects, ranging from automotive to product and fashion design.

In 2020 he ventured for the first time in this sneaker project. His dream has finally got a name: RUN OF. Joining BOEMOS shoes manufacturing company represented the missing component and this union provides in fact, the development of the shoe that Matteo dreamed. RUN OF officially sees the light on the 9th, January 2020, firstly dropped at Pitti Uomo 97. Therefore in Florence RUN OF presented its iconic model ORIGINAL BODRUM, conceived while flying over area of Bodrum, south west of Turkey.

The manufacturing of the shoes is italian, 100% handmade and we are proud of it. All our suppliers are italian: you can see them all on our manufacturing webpage. RUN OF is a high quality, handcrafted product with a global vision. Creating dedicated projects and exclusive limited editions with top stores and brands is our way of thinking the fashion world. We love to provide a sneakers/tailoring service for our customers.

Vendor Informations

Boemos S.P.A.
Industria Calzature
Via E.Fermi 20, Z.I. Le Botteghe
50054 Fucecchio (FIRENZE)
+39 0571 261 687
P.I./C.F.: 04340070483

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